We believe in having a small, closely knit and efficient team for every project.  We have been fortunate to have a talented, dedicated and diverse team in both of our UK and India studios. Since the studio takes part in different academic workshops and teaching we have been able to work and collaborate with people from different schools, who have multiple interests, culturally varied and focused on delivering unique and sophisticated outcomes.


Following is the list of people so far that we have worked and collaborated with us at SAV.

Vikrant Tike

Amita Kulkarni

Guillem Vaquer Pisa

Jie Liu

Sanhita Chaturvedi

Ben Kikkawa

Tal Mazor

Shameel Muhammed

Aishwarya Dharmarajan

Astha Kapila

Anna Musychak

Yosuke Nakano

Radhika Radhakrishnan

Nilufer Kocabas

Ananth Ramaswamy

Abhishek Sharma

Soojung Rhee

David Reiser

Kaushil Shah

Dinika Thomas

Emmanuelle Siedes

Luca Bertoletti

Christos Bletsas

Maria Olmas Zunica

Katarina Valickova

Hanna Steif

Dhrumil Mehta

Sohil Soni

Belinda Mendes

Dhruv Seth

Ami Matthan

Alok Kothari

Namrata Kaur

Chinmay Mayekar

Rohit Jain

Malhar Chawda

Raj Gandhi

Nidhi Parsena